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aptgp Lite

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Complete installation guaranteed within 24 hours on most systems. This does not include design or template implementation. (+$50.00/Domain License)

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aptgp Lite is a fully automated TGP management system programmed in PHP for use with MySQL. The unique aptgp template engine supports virtually any publishing format; Text TGP and MGPs, Thumb TGP and MGPs, RSS feeds, XML, Blogs, and more. This system will revolutionize how you manage your TGP data and afford you maximum control over gallery publishing.

What is aptgp Lite?

The same as aptgp III without satellites. Please note that you *can* create blogs and RSS feeds but only in place of one of the two archives. aptgp Lite also differs from the full version aptgp III in that it logs directly to MySQL; thereby limiting the true potential of your server's ability to log hits. Your results may vary.

Quick Videos (Flash required)

Template Examples

The following TGPs will give you a good idea of how flexible aptgp III's template engine is:

For a complete demonstration of aptgp III, including access to an administration console, please send yourself preview links.


  • Per category recycling control
  • TGP Search engine
    • Keyword-based gallery placement
    • Search result cache system
    • Search result templates
    • Set template file on search form
    • Set category id on search form
  • Pass aux1=, aux2= and aux3= to tgp_gogo.php and use in trade script link value as tags [AUX1], [AUX2] and [AUX3] -- great for passing skim percentages from different link definitions.
  • Change link definition mid sequence (skim 80 on first 10, 70 on 11-20, etc)
  • Build log
  • Shuffle galleries over next/past x days
  • Added global tag %%tgp_build_date%% tag and Build Date Format setting
  • Added gallery tag %%tgp_gal_url_clean%% for onmouseover window.status display without ugly query strings
  • Improved spider functionality
  • Spider now checks for banned strings in gallery html
  • Partners
    • Require Partnerships
    • Require ICQ, Phone, Hosting Company, Primary Content Provider, x Sample URLs
    • Partner application reviewer
    • Partner-related email templates
  • Worklist manager:
    • Shuffle: ensures that galleries are not displayed in the order they were imported.
    • Designate the number of galleries to process per load.
    • Add all galleries now.
    • Add x of these galleries per day/hour moving forward/backward.
    • Schedule these galleries automatically.
  • Rebuild thumbs: You can now easily change the size of your thumbs. This function now allows you to rebuild thumbnails across your entire TGP.
  • Improved gallery search functions in admin.
  • Date format now adjustable in settings using the PHP date formatting protocol.
  • Page number tag %%cat_page_number%% now displays the page number of the current page in your preview and text archives.
  • Shuffle Galleries now included gallery manager based on search results or specifically selected galleries.
  • Set weight based on search results or specifically selected galleries for the Perm object.
  • Preferences to allow for the adjustment of the title/description and url acceptable field lengths.
  • Categories can have multiple pages (also new "PageMenu" object in templating system).
  • More efficient building routine.
  • Most popular in category template object (most popular by category, satellite).
  • Surfers can report cheaters with CAPTCHA verification (HTML templates included).
  • Automatically suspend galleries whose unique cheat reports exceed specified threshold.
  • Suspended galleries can get tagged with "suspended.jpg" thumbnail to warn surfers of the suspension between scheduled updates.
  • Recycle galleries automatically (based on template tag requirements determined by ap|tgp). or by setting a specific number of galleries to recycle per day. ie. take the 10 oldest galleries and make them the 10 newest once per day.
  • Perform actions on all galleries in any gallery search result.
  • Active gallery paging in admin.
  • Delete multiple galleries in one action.
  • Move multiple galleries in one action.
  • Re-date multiple galleries in one action.
  • View/change requested category upon submission review.
  • Stats are now summarized daily rather than as a whole. The problem was that stats would change on previous days as the system gathered more information on unique vs. raw. Now the information is evaluated on a daily basis at the request of numerous users.
  • Submission viewer ordered by submission date.
  • Webmaster Submission includes full auto thumb/crop or optional specifying of thumb url/crop.
  • Easy Preferences: See the key preferences in each admin section.
  • Bug fix: Unique and raw send counts no longer includes duplicates in most popular -- rare occurance.
  • Bug fix: Submissions review delete bad galleries without error.
  • Bug fix: Minor date conflicts in build script vs gallery data.


ap|tgp III will scan your friend's TGP site, and gather galleries for specific categories and will auto-thumb preview your galleries while you conduct other, more important business.


aptgp III can run in a fully automated mode - re-dating and recycling galleries as you prefer. You can also specify how many galleries are rotated per build per category.

Try it out

Easy Installation

  • Twelve simple steps that will have you up and running, fast
  • Constructive error handling that won't leave you up all night
  • Secure, flexible template and data storage

Auto Harvest

  • Harvest galleries into worklist from other TGPs at lightening fast speed
  • Load and auto-thumb worklist in batches based on category, or all at once
  • Galleries are automatically scheduled to appear to fill your day-based templates
  • No limit to additions - add a year's worth of updates in less than a day
  • Yes - have a Preview TGP with 5000 galleries in a day.

Bulk Add Galleries

  • Now supports even MORE gallery formats (3.0).
  • Add to worklist by category simply entering URLs, one per line
  • Load and auto-thumb worklist in batches based on category, or all at once
  • Galleries are automatically scheduled to appear to fill your day-based templates
  • No limit to additions - add a year's worth of updates in less than a day
  • Excellent for hosted galleries.

Template Manager

  • Customize cheater reporting window HTML and response
  • Customize every aspect of all email communication with your webmasters
  • Customize submission response
  • Customize rules on submission form
  • Customize email confirmation response
  • Customize Webmaster submission

Webmaster Submission

  • Permit manual submissions for standard or prefered webmasters or both (3.0).
  • Browser-based flash jpeg cropping utility brings photoshop to the browser for lightening fast gallery submission with quality preview thumbs.
  • Submit URL, script fetches thumbnails (video or photo) and allows selection with no upload hassle.
  • Any size preview thumb up to 180 x 180
  • Automatically counts movie/image files
  • Easily prohibit javascript
  • Easily prohibit embed tags
  • Easily prohibit script tags
  • Easily prohibit pop-ups
  • Auto-approval based on designated bullet-proof criteria
  • Preferred webmasters bypass submission approval
  • Can force webmasters to confirm their email address before submission is reviewed
  • Abandoned webmaster accounts are automatically deleted
  • Only deal with real webmasters
  • Set limit on gallery submissions per day for preferred and non-preferred webmasters
  • Set limit on total active galleries for preferred and non-preferred webmasters
  • Ban webmasters
  • Ban keywords
  • Prohibits duplicate URLs
  • Verify reciprocal links (even use your own Perl Compatible Regular Expressions!)
  • Custom header, footer, and form display for submission.
  • Easily publish reciprocal link codes and rules with template editor

Static Site Generation (Improved in 3.0)

  • Build static files with whichever extension you choose (.html, .shtml, .php)
  • Easily define META description and keywords for each category
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Incredibly flexible, powerful template system
  • Separate movie and photo gallery listings if desired
  • Maintain most popular gallery listing
  • Easily display galleries on your front page in nearly any configuration
  • Easily incorporate your skimming-ready trade script

Ad Management

  • Run ads across or within specified category regions
  • Run ads for specific category in any template
  • Run ads in currently generated category region
  • Great way to sell gallery listings

Administration (Improved in 3.0)

  • Convenient "Easy Preferences" in admin makes configuration and operation a breeze.
  • Designate unlimited reciprocal link codes
  • Verify reciprocal links upon submission
  • Easily ban webmasters at any time
  • Automatically spider galleries for any changes
  • View/Delete/Reinstate suspended galleries

Other Features (Improved in 3.0)

  • Order galleries based on popularity within a category.
  • Order galleries based on popularity.
  • Order galleries by weight.
  • Spider galleries at designated interval to verify links.
  • Builds only static html files with your designated file extension
  • Virtually unlimited number of categories/sites per category (Limited ONLY by your disk space!)
  • Complete statistics featuring the last two months of unique outgoing clicks per gallery/overall
  • Complete webmaster statistics available to all registered webmasters
  • Ability to disable all image-related functions to ensure compatibility (if you do not have or cannot install the GD library)

Design/Layout Flexibility

  • Builds index file from index template
  • Builds category pages for preview thumb, and text only (or whatever two sets you want, one could even be an RSS feed!)
  • Extremely simple yet powerful template system for displaying links


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